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Our services are streamlined to provide real solutions for students, parents, teachers and schools across Nigeria.

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Peak Grade Educational Services is passionate about supporting parents who want to build brighter futures for their children. We are committed to the use of technology providing high-quality learning tools for families, but at prices that are a fraction of the cost of a private tutor or tutor center, with the added convenience of being home-based.

We also create and facilitate opportunities for students seeking admission into schools in countries like Cyprus, Malaysia, USA, the UK, etc. We focus on recruiting and guiding prospective students towards appropriate education opportunities at universities, colleges, schools & training institutes around the world.

Our goal is to become the first-choice education agency in Africa by providing excellent, up to date and tailored services to our versatile range of students in various areas and sharpening our professional knowledge and understanding of different educational systems in different countries




At Peak Grade Education, our number one goal is to provide you the opportunities and information you need to reach the peak of your career and live a financial burden free life.

As teachers ourselves we understand the low income that comes with the job when compared to other fields and how challenging and pressuring it can be for our families.

For this reason we setup the Teachers empowerment scheme to provide teachers and educationist the opportunity to achieve true financial freedom regardless of their level or time of entry into the teaching profession.



We provide you the professional and advisory support necessary to successfully start, run and expand your school.

We leverage your passion to capture your target market using strategies we’ve developed over the years as teachers and educationist with years of experience.

We also digitize and equip classrooms for smart teaching and learning, design, and maintain websites for schools, furnish and equip science and ICT laboratories and make general school supplies.



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