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Peak Grade Educational Services

Peak Grade Educational Services is an emerging consulting outfit with ardent zeal about creating a paradigm shift in the educational sphere. We host a robust e-learning platform specially designed for home-based lessons. We facilitate admission into foreign universities, design websites for schools, equip science and ICT laboratories, recruit teachers, and undertake general school supplies.


High Quality, Affordable, Home-Based Education In Nigeria
Peak Grade Educational Services is passionate about supporting parents who want to build brighter futures for their children. We are committed to the use of technology in providing high-quality learning tools for families, but at prices that are a fraction of the cost of a private tutor or tutor centre, with the added convenience of being home-based..

established to assist parents, students, and SCHOOLS across NIGERIA

We are specialists in the provision of exceptional and tailor-made Educational and Training solutions. We provide high quality and affordable educational services in 4 main areas that includes:


We provide affordable, home-based online learning to support parent in building a bright future for their children.


We provide goal-oriented management and consultancy services to educational institutions (Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools).


Peak Grade Educational services create and facilitate opportunities for students seeking admission into schools in countries like Cyprus, Malaysia, USA, the UK, etc.


We digitize and equip classrooms for smart teaching and learning, design, and maintain websites for schools, furnish and equip science and ICT laboratories and make general school supplies.

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